Selling Tips

So let’s start with what you need to do as a seller.

  1. Disconnect From Your Emotions – Whenever you converse with any real estate agents, it’s quite often you find that when they’re talking to you about real estate, they refer to your purchase with the word ‘HOME’. But when you’re selling, they call it a ‘HOUSE’. This is not an accident. Buying real estate can often be an emotional decision, but selling real estate requires removing your emotions from the equation.

    Your ‘house’ is a marketable commodity. It’s a property. It’s real estate. The goal is to enable others to see the value and their potential there, not your own. Not putting emotions aside can lead to a longer period of time for selling.

    Getting your home ready means de-personalizing it. Remove pictures and small personal items from your table-tops. Buyers need to be able to envision their own personal items in your home, and with yours there it can be a distraction of this process.
  1. Create A Mood - Can you create a specific mood? If you’re near the coast, what about breezy fabrics, or blue-green colors, reminding people of the beach? Are you in the mountains? How about going rustic? Brainstorm some ideas for creating the right mood for people to see.

    Remove as much natural light blockage as possible. When you have a showing, bake some cookies or bread to give the house that ‘homey’ smell. Play some classical music softly while showing your home. These things have a powerful effect on people, and help create a mood.
  1. Make Them Want A Second Look – Here is some vital selling advice: Don’t think about putting that house up for sale until you’ve totally gone over the whole condition of it. Many times you only get one shot with a potential buyer, and you don’t want to blow it over something neglectful. To get a faster sale and better price, go over your home thoroughly before listing it.
  2. Outdoor Tasks – Paint your front door, and garage door. These are things that get first seen by viewers. Ensure all the lights work properly. Have the lawn well landscaped and clean. De-clutter your yard. Add some flowers and trim the shrubs.

  3. Indoor Tasks – De-clutter inside as well. Clean the sink, put dishes away, and clean out that refrigerator. Do away with any odors or ash trays. Put clean air fresheners in there. Any odors will have the first negative impact for your viewers. Put your appliances away, organize all your cabinets, and have clean shiny counter-tops.